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 Speaking with the Yukikage

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PostSubject: Speaking with the Yukikage   Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:54 am

Fuubi Ookawa limps through the streets of Snow Village, his white cape and his contrasting long black hair with its single white streak billowing in the wind. He leans heavily on the cane every time he takes a step with his left foot, making it appear that his left leg is lame or broken, or both, stopping at the Snow Village leader's building in the center of the city, staring up at the great height before lifting up his cane and rapping the head against the door. "I am here for a meeting with the Yukikage! This is.... quite important..." He puts his cane back on the ground in front of him as he waits for someone to answer his knocking, shivering a bit from another sudden gust of cold, snowy air as he pulls his clothes tighter around him, wishing he'd thought to wear something a little warmer.
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Speaking with the Yukikage
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