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 General Rules

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Nakashima Kuroda

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PostSubject: General Rules   Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:42 pm

As a Member:

You should always be ready to at least check into the site every few days. At least twice a week. If you do not, at least tell us that you will be away for a while. If you are unable to come, and without a solid alibi, it is most likely that you will be stripped of a any special privileges (e.g. mod, admin, kage, cannon, village, etc.) and your previous topics will be moved to the archives.

Rules & Updates
All members are to follow the rules and updates. They are there for a reason. If you do not obey them, you will probably be banned for a while, or given a warning if it is your first time.

Respect everyone on the site, no matter what. They might seem like an idiot, but be nice and respect them. Everyone has their stupid moments. So be nice, don’t upset anyone and be angry at them just because. Be calm and rational, and instead of saying outright that that person is an idiot, try working it out with them. It saves you from having the image of a bully.

Race, Religion, & Gender
Do not be racist, prejudiced or sexist. Everyone is different and so are you. Don’t hate others just because they are from somewhere else, or look different, or follow different beliefs. This means, no degrading racist, prejudiced or extremely sexist words that may upset another person.

Flaming & Provocation
Do not flame the members. If you don’t know what flame means, it is to insult or make others feel bad with no reason. An example is using the line: “You are so stupid, why would you do that? I bla bla bla bla…” You get it? To continuously degrade someone so negatively is against the rules. Flaming can cause big arguments, and in most cases, bans.

Generally, the ratings of the site are to be PG-13. You cannot post any explicit details like pictures or videos in any non-RP topics. Gore is alright, if it’s just a little. Swearing is alright, just keep it down and not be a total Hidan.

I repeat: Only have mature topics in the Roleplay area, and always put tags ( ‘Mature’ ) in the topic.

Have one account. Just one. If you are sharing a house with another roleplayer, it’s alright with us. Just give us proof that you are not lying.

Everyone has different writing styles. So if say, two people (who claim they are not the same person) write exactly the same while being in the same IP address, we will have suspicions.

We can look at IP addresses. So if we see more than three accounts from the same IP address, we are to believe that you have been lying to us. And you will be banned.

This roleplay is set a few years AFTER the manga ends. I know, I know, the manga hasn't ended yet, but just imagine how it would be when it ends. This means: No young Narutos or Sasukes, no Orochimarus, no Jiraiyas and no Asuma as such.

Penalties. *
First wrongdoing: Warning.
Second: One day ban.
Third: Three day ban.
Fourth: Permanent ban.

* Subject to changes.
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General Rules
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