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 Mmmm that felt good

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PostSubject: Mmmm that felt good    Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:48 pm

"The Empire, long divided,must unite; long united, must divide" -Luo Guanzhong

To whom it may concern. 
I have been here along time, been a role player, mod, admin and lead admin. I have seen people join, leave and join again or never return at all. I have manipulated, lied and schemed to gain power when i first joined three years ago and eventually i was cast back to the white names, the untitled. I worked my way back to mod status but never forgot what it was like to be in charge. I have been called many a thing and have always done my best not to snap about it, though with my enemies well I despise your very existence on the forum and that is merely because you rub me the wrong way. 
Sometime ago Nakashima Kuroda and myself implemented  new rules, people threw a fit, people left that was fine with me. Naka however decided to work with the now mod zaccy and compromise on softer rules. I didn't like it, I had taken my stance, I had conformed to what was issued without a word yet still I attempted to hold my tongue. The final straw was when two new people joined and right away complained I snapped I believe my words to zaccy were  "fuck you and fuck your hope"
As my attitude was unprofessional and my stance was 'not helpful' I asked to for my mod rank to be stripped. I spent time away from the chat box that night and cooled off... New mods were appointed I didn't agree once more no big deal however I say enough when people think I get what I want because I happen to be  in a relationship with the one Nakashima Kuroda. If said thing were true I would be lead admin and those whom apposed me and my authority would find themselves unable to login to the forum. And so it brings me great joy to say fuck you I'm done here
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PostSubject: Re: Mmmm that felt good    Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:56 am

Are you really that age?

If you were doing your best not to snap at people for expression their opinions, you need to try harder. My first impression of this site was you logging into the chat and saying "Fuck off." Just about one of the most professional greetings I've had in my entire roleplaying experience, must say. Right off the jackass institute, graduated with honors.

Not only that but going back and forth into the chat insulting me, Zweihart, Zaccy and ignoring all of Naka's warnings about you being rudely uncivil. You were stripped of your powers because you couldn't keep your cool about any other opinion that wasn't yours, and lashed at them. Normally this would be alright for a user, that is recently starting to roleplay or has its problems with dealing with people. But the problem is: You had powers. Privileges. You were expected to be true to your position and act as a peacekeeper not a troublemaker.

If your best way of dealing with any issue is throwing a fit, and then blaming other people I won't stop you, it is incredibly amusing, but it certainly puts you in a position of shame and possibly also aggravates people that care about you -which isn't my case- because you won't listen to reason. Nakashima has been very tolerant, relationship or not, and Zaccy has been trying to keep up with all the drama.
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Mmmm that felt good
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