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 never left tho

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PostSubject: never left tho    Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:49 pm

okay so I never really left but still,
I really don't have much to do here, all my rp's are just like stopped .
no one is ever in the chatroom
but yet i'll continuing going on everyday, just pm me if you want to rp

but if you care then continue reading

okay so in nov last year my life went down the pipe and I didn't want to stay on this planet and got depressed once again
when my life was close to getting better it flew back down the pipe but it got up (...at least a little) right again,
now I have an appointment at therapist 29th of may,
and I might be going to london in end of September to go to Euro Expo 2013 :DDD
my mom is moving to her bf's place Very Happy
and my dad and his gf are moving back to our old house ( where I had lived for 11 years until 2 years ago ) June 1st
so my old town I have 3 - 4 people that I can call my friends still
I will be moving away and it might cause me losing 7 friends ...

then my biggest problem ...I broke up with my bf Philip ...maybe the one of the sweetest guys ever
because I wanted to fix myself before continuing , it has been almost a month and I already have gotten myself in a place I don't want to be and never wanted to be in when it comes to relationships
and that is me and a guy I have had a crush on since 8th grade ( i am finishing 10th now ) are now friends with benefits and he keeps trying to get me to do things i'm not ready for but I ain't brave enough to do anything cause no matter what I say he comes with the same question "why " or "why do you say that" ...
I badly need help my heart won't accept my brains smartness and I don't seem to be able to do anything about it

so yeah that is all .....
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never left tho
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