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 Lazying about (OPEN!!!!!)

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PostSubject: Lazying about (OPEN!!!!!)   Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:11 am

Life was going pretty simple so far; do a job, get payed, blow it all, repeat. Thankfully for an unnamed freelancing ninja, he was currently in the blow it all stage. And in a place like a the Hidden Hot Springs Village, he was sure to have a relaxing time lazing about till his money dwindled into nothing. As he looked out at the village from a hilltop, the ninja thought about how best to start his temporary vacation. Luckily that question was soon answered the the growl of his stomach. “Well guess it's time to find something to eat” He said to himself before walking down off the hill and into the streets looking for a restaurant to satisfy his hunger. There was so many to choose from however; fine dinning, pizza, sushi, fast food. But soon he found something he liked, a Buffet. “Ahhhhh yess!” He said about to walk in.
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Lazying about (OPEN!!!!!)
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