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 Ninja Smith (lightbird M)

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PostSubject: Ninja Smith (lightbird M)   Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:46 pm

Hakujin Iroha (last,first) was working in the back of the shop forging shuriken and kunia knifes. It was almost the chunin exams so demand for ninja tools was high. She would hear a bell meaning that a customer had walked in. She would walk over to see who it was. “Oh hey it's you. How have you been?” She would ask recognizing it was one of her regulars.

Iroha was 19 years old making her slightly old then the 16 year old boy ninja who walked in. She had short black hair with blue strands with a metal flower sticking out on the right side. She had only one emerald colored eye on her right and an eye patch on her left with a nasty burn scar behind it. The incident behind the scar is what ultimately made her drop of out the ninja academy and from becoming a genin. Which was fine for her, she actually preferred staying home banging on metal all day. As for her bust, they were C cups which fit snugly on her blacksmith outfit.

“So how have the chunin exams fared for you?” She would then ask figuring he would have been participating.
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Ninja Smith (lightbird M)
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