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 Betrayl from his oun village

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Kou Fang

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PostSubject: Betrayl from his oun village   Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:54 am

OCC: Noone in this one.

Kou headed for his shop from the ramen shop and now his shop was still intact but thanks to the fire that those men in the masks did to it. "Why did did they do it? What dd I ever do to them?" Kou whent inside to clean up abit before he fought Kagin hand to hand combat. "He lost his brother. Tis. I almost lost everything again. Let him compare that to me." Kou only thing he could was sweep the place up and took him a good hour or so before he drop the Broom down and left his equipment laying on the table and headed out to the academy. Kou look around to make sure that noone was following him as he thought he saw a man in one of those masks was watching. "You Sorry Coward? Where he..? Forget it. I got better things to do." Kou then heads off for the fight off since Kagin had to be an Idiot to start anouther fight with Kou.
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Betrayl from his oun village
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