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 This is my Past.

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Nakashima Kuroda

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PostSubject: This is my Past.   Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:51 pm

Toshi was waiting outside of the Konoha Kuroda house, eating some ice cream as Goru and Satoshi started to pack up their things. The Kurodas weren't needed in Konoha anymore, and so they had to move. To Kusa. And it was time she started moving on from her past, too.

"Alright, Naka-chan, it's time to go," Aiden said softly, carrying a huge duffel bag out.

"Ah...I know." Toshi sighed, devouring the cone. "Can...Can I at least say goodbye to everyone? This will be the last time I will ever see them again....they won't care or notice I'm going to be missing, but I don't want to leave without a goodbye..."

"Naka..." Aiden sighed too, and hugged her. "Everyone's looking forward for your arrival in Kusa. Konoha doesn't want you, but the Hidden Village in the Grass needs you."

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This is my Past.
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