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 Konoha's White Day and Bloody Surprises.

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Hiei Chitose

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PostSubject: Konoha's White Day and Bloody Surprises.   Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:23 am

"Ne,ne, Kakuzu-senpai," Chitose wagged her tail to the left and right, electric blue eyes scanning through the busy streets. "Is there a festival going on here?" she asked, as her eyes came upon the vendors that is selling marshmallows and cookies all calling out to their customers.

The street was filled with teenagers mostly, and quite a number of adults too. Most of them are boys. Chitose noticed a familiar loud, blonde haired boy when they passed by a shop. "How am I supposed to know? This country has the most ridiculous festivals for nothing..."

Imagine the money they earn and the money they spent to decorate the whole street with white ribbons and cotton candies... Kakuzu shook his head. Damn Konoha...

"Ne, what is a White Day?" she asked again, walking alongside Kakuzu. Next to her stood the two infamous Uchiha and a certain brunette puppet master who disguised himself as a kid.

"What day?"Kakuzu asked.

"WHITE day, it's written over there. On that banner," she said, pointing her claw at the banner hung over the projection.
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PostSubject: Re: Konoha's White Day and Bloody Surprises.   Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:33 am

Miru had henged into a black eyed skimpy girl, wearing a black kimono with a blood-red obi, and had long dark brown hair. Itachi had dressed in causal clothing, and had was wearing a face mask, since he hadent been in the village for almost 3 years, no one would reconize him..not even naruto.

Miru was looking at naruto, sakura and sai, going around in the shops, a hint of pain and regret being displayed in her dark eyes. "Okaa-sama, why does oto-sama speak with the cat again?", came sasori`s younger voice from his henged boy look.

Sasori picked up chitose and shhed on her, since cats wasent surpose to talk. Miru hmped but took her arm around kakuzu`s, since their act was that miru and itachi was siblings, sasori miru and kakuzu`s son, and chitose was their cat.

Itachi sminked sligtly, befor he began to explain white day to the unknowning chitose, pretending he was speaking to miru`s, "son".
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Konoha's White Day and Bloody Surprises.
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